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2008-08-21, 02:28
Currently running SC 7.1 on old P3 1ghz 512mb ram - Windows Server 2003.

No problem using, but a bit sluggish, viewing the processmanager i find that it is the CPU running at 100% often. Memory seems ok.

Does anyone have experience with that hardware for SC?
Will I experience faster response if I set it up with Ubuntu?
Or would I have to upgrade hardware to get a significantly faster server response?

2008-08-21, 03:57
What is SC7 doing when it hit 100%?

Only scanning should hit the processor that hard for any prolonged periods of time. Obviously DB accesses and processing of web pages will spike it, but they shouldn't cause too many issues.

What format is your music in? is it being transcoded to another format for playing?

2008-08-21, 04:05
100% for a second each time I click on the web-browser to view Albums or Artists. No problems but only a bit sluggish. Would prefer a more instant use of SC in web-browser, but maybe I would need hardware upgrade then, but was wondering if maybe Linux would operate faster.

Using Flac.

2008-08-21, 08:47
If you're viewing the web page on the same PC that SC is running on it will be slow. It is acting as both client and server which takes more time.

The biggest speed improvement I made was putting SC on a dedicated box. Page load times still take a couple of seconds, but it's much better than when I ran SC on my primary box.

2008-08-21, 10:13
If you don't need this box as desktop and only as Squeezecenter box and perhaps as fileserver you might try FreeNAS + SlimNAS, probably the lightest setup possible. Ubuntu might already be much slower. I am using it on a VIA 800MHz box atm and performance is o.k., but I am still testing with a subset of my music only (100 songs), as I haven't a bigger drive yet. I still have to decide if I will use this box, though (waiting for watt-o-meter).

Bye, signorRossi.