View Full Version : Headphone Jack

2008-08-20, 17:02
I Just got the squeezebox 3 today and everything went smooth and i'm enjoying it.
But i hooked a set of headphones to the headphone jack and the output was wide open, so i adjusted the volume on the remote down to even muted, and it is still playing wide open.
I'm assuming it is like any other headphone jack it is not fixed?
I also opened up and there is settings in the software to adjust volume to a fixed 100 percent or what ever the other setting was in that spot and nothing changed.
Also there is a second volume setting from 0 to -63...0 being full volume and that didnt help i think that is only for the digital and analog outputs.
So I Can't listen out of the headphone jack because i can't adjust the volume lower.
Any help is very helpfull!