View Full Version : SC 7.3 !! Link (BETA)

2008-08-20, 12:16
This link for beta SC 7.3.

This Work ? is good ?



2008-08-20, 12:57

2008-08-21, 00:40
7.3 has been around for a while. As virtualy all the code is public, you can see all the planned development branches well before they are being actively worked on.

I think at the moment 7.3 is pretty much the same as 7.2, I don't think any of the major code changes that are planned for 7.3 have been included yet, although I could be wrong in that. Once 7.2 is released, 7.3 will probably get less stable/more buggy as the larger enhancements get worked on, then more reliable as it gets closer to release.

7.2 would be the recomended beta at the moment though, because if you have problems with that then bugs can be identified and perhaps fixed before release. These changed will cascade down to 7.3 as well.