View Full Version : Have build SqueezePlay - can't connect to receiver

2008-08-20, 09:48

Have just built SqueezePlay from the 7.2-trunk. When launching squeezeplay.exe, I get the initial setup-wizard, and it asks for witch receiver to set up.

I have a Duet, but SqueezePlay can't discover it. I have tried to hold in the front-button until it starts blinking, but it's no use..

Any tips or suggestions?


Jeff Flowerday
2008-08-20, 10:18
Receiver? Wouldn't it be looking for you server?

2008-08-20, 11:08
It's the same wizard that comes when you starts the controller for the first time, or hardreseting it.
The display sais:

Set up receiver->

and the hint box at the bottom sais:

Choose the Squeezebox
Receiver you want to set up. If
you don't see it here, press
and hold the button on the
front until it flashes.

I can not get past this step.