View Full Version : Internet Radio is all Hiss now

2008-08-20, 09:25

As of this morning, all my internet radio stations are nothing but hiss/static. My music plays fine. The hiss occurs whether I play the station via SB3, softsqueeze, Duet or http://.../stream.mp3 in WMP. In the players that support a proxied conection for internet radio, the hiss persists both with and without proxy.

Any idea why this has happened all of a sudden? It's been working fine for months. My server is on an N5200 and I've tried a reboot.

When I get home, I'll try some of the streams directly with WMP (leaving SC out of the picture) and see what happens.


2008-08-20, 23:57
try connecting directly to SqueezeNetwork, this will eliminate the SqueezeCenter variable.

Sounds like an odd problem though.

2008-08-27, 08:12

I tried both direct and proxy (through SC) to the stations and both had the same results.

The problem resolved a couple of days ago on its own. I'm blaming my boradband connection - ATT Uverse - for the problem, since I did nothing new to my hard/software setup. Maybe they were messing with net radio or something?