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2004-03-29, 08:40
Bah, the synch still eventually drifts between my two hardware players (one
slim and one squeeze)... why should this be any different.

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Version 0.2 is now available at http://softsqueeze.sourceforge.net.

This version includes:
- Bug fix: song play time is reported correctly


I am still noticing a problem with the song time display in the "Now
Playing" display.

When a playlist starts, things seem fine, but if I use the "Fwd" button to
jump to the next song on the playlist, the timing gets out of sync. The
timer briefly jumps to 0:00, but then jumps to a somewhat random number.
Possibly total running time of the songs that I have skipped. This also
happens when using the countdown timer, when I hit "Fwd" the display briefly
shows the proper song length, but then jumps to a different number.
Empirically, it seems like the remaining time from the songs that I have

If I wait out the song, and the server naturally moves to the next song on
the playlist on it own, the timer returns to normal in both count up and
count down displays. Use the "Fwd" button and the timer is out of sync for
that song.

I am running SoftSqueeze at work in Java 1.4.2 environment on XP Home
platform. Running SlimServer 5.1.1 (No Nightly) on a Debian Linux Distro at

Other then that, SoftSqueeze has come a long way in just a week. I look
forward to next week ;)