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2008-08-20, 03:23

I'm sorry if this has already been discussed (and excuse my english) but I have a little problem with my new SB.
The main problem is that all album with Nine Inch Nails doesn't show when I browse the artist page. But the SB finds NIN if I search for it or if I browse "album". So why cant I see NIN on the artist page without searching for it?

One other thing, if I compare the number of albums on the SB and on my iTunes, the SB says that I have 30 more albums than the iTunes can find.

Other than that this seems to be an awsome machine...

And btw, I have all my music on an external hard drive that is connected to my airport extreme (router) and i use OS X (latest) with the latest squeezecenter (stable) installed.

Thanks for your time..

2008-08-20, 09:42
From within iTunes, you can change the sort of albums, from album name to album by artist. Are all of the NIN grouped together? If not make sure the artist tag's are correct. You can change the view, adding whatever columns you want for additional tag viewing, such as adding composer.

SS will also count separate folders as different albums, even if the album is the same - ie "NIN with Joe Blow" is considered a different album, then just "NIN"

Unless the iTunes files are .m4p (encyrpted DRM) SS should see them.


2008-08-21, 06:15
thanks for the reply..

The files seems correct and are all on the right place (.flac, apple lossless and mp3) so I can't understand why the squeezecenter cant find NIN (i think NIN is the only one not showing)

2008-08-21, 07:42
Random suggestion:

The missing album is accidentally tagged as a compilation album, and you have "group compilation albums together" setting engaged? Do you find the album under "Various Artists" in the Artist List?

If this could be your issue, you need to set the compilation tag to COMPILATION=0. Lots of taggers will do this for you (I think Easytag does this on Mac for example) with a simple "Is this a compilation" option. I have a feeling iTunes sets its own format of compilation tag, so you may also need to amend this if you're using iTunes.

2008-08-23, 17:34
Thanks for your suggestions, but its not an compilation album. It is maybe ten different albums, so far, all with NIN that doesn't show (unless you browse thrue "albums" or search for them).
And why the f*ck is it only Nine Inch Nails?!?

2008-08-24, 03:56
Sent you a PM with another suggestion.

2008-12-15, 16:40
wow, totally forgot that I wrote here...
But I found all the NIN songs in the artist category a long time ago. It is under "T". The only thing I can come to think of is that Trent Reznor is the man behind NIN so i checked the tagging or whatever it is called but it clearly said that the artist is NIN, not trent.
I have 21 albums with NIN and all of them are under the letter "T".

2008-12-15, 18:27
Did you check Album Artist? If you have Trent Reznor tagged as album artist, it will override the track artist.

When I want both the singer and the group in my artist list, I put the singer as album artist and I put the group in the band tag, then I have ticked the box in Squeezecenter to show Band tags in the artist list.

Caveat: Apparently some taggers use the same tag for album artist and band... if that's the case for you, I guess you can only use one or the other, or get a new tagger.