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2008-08-19, 06:22
I upgraded from SqueezeCenter 7.0 to 7.1 over the weekend and have discovered the Controller no longer reliably displays album artwork. In addition, artwork from web based sources (Podcasts and Internet Radio) no longer consistently display on the Controller.

If I power-cycle the Controller, album art loads somewhat reliably but in very short order, it stops appearing.

I’ve confirmed the images are loading in SqueezeCenter via the browser interface (albeit not that quickly). It appears there’s something stopping the images from 'being sent' to the controller (or are they 'pulled' from SC by the Controller?). Do I have a setting on SC 7.1, or in the Controller that needs changing? Any other thoughts?

BTW, I’m running SC on a 2 GHz Core 2 with 2 GB of RAM. The content is on a Drobo/Droboshare NAS. Access to the NAS is lightning fast (through Windows) so I can’t imagine there’s an issue with any of my hardware.

2008-08-19, 06:41
Do you have virus software installed on the box running SC? Someone reported similar problems on an upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 which was caused by their virus scanner. Was resolved by setting it to ignore *.myi and *.myd files (temp files). Will see if I can find the thread for you.

Edit, this (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=50357&highlight=album+art+7.1) is the thread I was thinking of, but I see it's not limited to a problem with the Controller. May be useful anyway?

2008-08-19, 08:01
Went through the other thread. The main difference is the other problem was consistent whereas the behavior I'm observing seems intermittent. Still, I think it is plausible that my AV software is possibly curtailing the creation of temporary directories -- or affecting them somehow.

Am using AVG 8.0 (free) having been persuaded previously to de-install Kespersky. Won't know until I get home whether this version has options to ignore file certain extensions.

Will advise tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks for chiming in.

2008-08-20, 05:42
AVG Free (ver 8) doesn’t allow for file extension exceptions. Exceptions are limited to folders. Since the *.MYI and *.MYD files go to temporary folders I didn’t think there be any point in invoking the exception. Besides, when I access SC 7.1 through a browser, album art images load very quickly – almost immediately. Also, a poll on this forum shows a large proportion of SC users are running AVG. I can only assume they're not having this problem.

The key clue to me is in the Controller itself. If I power-cycle the Controller, images load on the Controller reliably. Over time, however, the images stop loading. Anecdotally, it seems directly related to the number of image call-ups (i.e.: album covers, podcast artwork, internet radio artwork) that are made from the Controller. Power-cycle the Controller and I’m fine until The Controller reaches it’s ‘limit’.

The Controller shows me running the latest s/w version. I also did a factory reset at one point to see if that would improve reliability of the Controller. No change unfortunately…

Any thoughts/suggestions on this would be very much appreciated.

2008-08-20, 13:32
If you launch Squeezecentre and choose Albums, for example, the alphabetical list doesn't show the album artwork, just the grey music symbol icon. If you click on one of the icons, the artwork appears, which then shows up on the Duet controller's display if you choose the same album. The new version needs a de-bug, I reckon, or else there has been a fault whilst creating the re-sizing options in the Advanced / Performance section of the new version.

2008-08-20, 14:26
I've just tried disabling the folder path to my album covers in Settings / Advanced / Format (it's all stored in my Catraxx data folder, even the iTunes covers), then run a full re-scan of my music collection (535 albums). This clears the data cache and thus allows the covers to be found via the ID3 tags rather than a specific emplacement. In Settings / Advanced / Performance, I've deactivated statistics but kept the Better Quality setting and Pre-cache artwork. Squeezecentre now shows all the album art, and this has been successfully transferred to the controller.

2008-08-20, 15:56
I have album art stored as a 'cover.jpg' file in each album's dedicated folder. If I understand your solution, it won't work in my case because I don't have a folder specifically for album cover files (although I wonder how much work it'd be to convert several hundred albums to a dedicated covers folder).

While I ponder that, I will make sure I've deactivate gathering statistics.

2008-08-21, 14:05
It took one hell of a long time to convert the collection to MP3, but I decided from the outset that having all the cover art in one folder would be a better solution, especially when safeguarding the collection. The file system is dead simple, just 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc., and the album ID3 tags take care of the emplacement. As my whole collection (more than 9000 tracks) is also stored on my iPod, iTunes is my choice for managing the collection. Thank goodness that Slimdevices thought to incorporate the reading of the iTunes XML file in the software, as this has allowed all the ID3 tags to be accurately read, and this obviously includes the cover art. That is why I have deleted the emplacement of the cover art folder in Squeezecentre 7.1.