View Full Version : MC not synchronised with Squeezebox

2008-08-19, 04:54
When I play music with MC via Simserver and Softsquueze I hear after a few numbers another song than I can see in MC. MC skips a couple of songs. Am I doing something wrong?

Mark Lanctot
2008-08-20, 12:53
What's "MC"?

More info please. SlimServer/SqueezeCenter version, OS...and perhaps a different description of the problem because it's very vague.

2008-08-25, 11:41
MC is Media Centre from J. River. I thought that Slim Device was just made for MC and Squeeuzecentre? I am using MC2Slim, Squuezecentre 7.1 and my OS is Vista. When I play a list of (example) ten songs I hear number 4 of the list but in MC I see number 6 playing. It is also not synchronised.

2008-08-25, 13:05
The Squeeze range of products are designed to work with SequeezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork.

Using JRivers Media Center with it is an unnoficial add on. If there is a problem with this i think you would probably get a lot more support via the JRiver forums where Craig posts his latest versions.