View Full Version : playing at two sources at once

2008-08-18, 20:22
Does anyone know if there's a way using my SqueezeBox duet to play the song I want to play on my SqueezeBox and also on my computer that's hosting SqueezeCenter (i.e. on the computer speakers)? My computer is in my bedroom and my SqueezeBox is in my living room, and I'd like to have synchronized sound in both at once.


2008-08-18, 21:19
Use 'softsqueeze' to listen to Squeezcenter on your computer. You can sync the 2 players with button on top right corner of SC.

On SC, on the left towards the bottom there should be 'extras', click on that and you'll see 'softsqueeze' download info. Or just type 'softsqueeze 3.6 download' into your browser, and you'll find it. Good luck.

2008-08-20, 22:23
Thanks for the tip. However I'm getting very strange behavior when trying to synchronize. I have my SqueezeBox selected as the player, and the SoftSqueeze checked when I go to the "Synchronize" menu item. Generally though when I hit play, it plays on SoftSqueeze immediately but then has about an 10-15 second delay before it starts playing on my SqueezeBox. They're very out of sync. I would like them to be playing exactly the same piece of the same song at the same time. However if I hit pause on my remote, they both stop/start from their respective spots in the same at the same time.

Any idea what's up?


2008-08-23, 20:36
This is happening to me as well. Also, if I take Softsqueeze out of the mix, there is a delay between tracks on the 2 real Squeezebox 3's as well, but when they start, they are synchronized. The delay is almost 30 seconds! This is unacceptable. Synchronization worked perfectly for me before I recently upgraded from SlimServer 6.5 to SqueezeCenter.