View Full Version : Runaway Volume

2008-08-18, 14:55
I sent the following message to Logitech Support, but I really want to konw if anyone has experienced this problem:

When pressing the volume up button on the SBC and then releasing the button, the volume continued to increase out of control. Then in a panic to turn it down, the same problem occured as the volume continued to decrease after releasing the button until all the way down. This problem happened twice now in two completely different situations. The first time it happened when using the SBC with the SBR on one audio system. I thought it was a fluke. But, a few days later it happened again on a different audio system with the SBC controlling a SB3. It is not simply a "delayed" response of the volume when holding down the volume button (as I have experienced many times), but a quick press and release of the volume button (to attempt to turn up volume just a notch) with the quite shocking and loud result of "runaway volume".

Thanks. Mark.