View Full Version : SB1 - How to identify upgraded display

2008-08-18, 13:44
I am attempting to sell an original SB1. How do I tell if the SB1 has the upgraded display?

2008-08-18, 14:18
Have a look at the Slimp3 vs the SB1 and SB2 photos:

The most obvious one is the ability of the graphical streen to have a continuous progress bar, as opposed to one that beaks between the characters. It also has a solid border vs an ASCII art version.

Actually, reading the specs, if you can control the brightness then it is a SBG :)

2008-08-18, 18:28
Another easy way to tell is the SLIMP3/original SB1 has only 2 text sizes
while the upgraded SB1 has 4.

2008-08-19, 09:52
Thanks for the info. It's definitely the upgraded display.