View Full Version : How does your Squeezebox Sleep?

andy lucas
2004-03-29, 03:44
On 28/3/04 at 11:06 am +0200, Michael Bowyer wrote
>I have the server sleep at night, the SB displays a short lost
>connection message and then the screen blanks.
>When the server restarts (because the PC wakes up) the SB displays the
>time again, and is ready for action.

That's interesting to know. I put the Squeezebox on standby first, and I
don't think I get the "lost connection" message before the screen blanks.

But, on the other hand, when my computer is woken up in the morning, I often
(not sure if it is always) find that the Squeezebox won't recognise the
server unless I go through the setup process again.
There's something odd going on, as it goes ok when I put the computer to
sleep in the daytime and then wake it up, but goes wrong overnight.

I do similar, I shut the server down, the error message pops up then the
screen blanks.

What I find though (and its kindoff annoying as the screen is so bright)
that certain remote controls do seem to make the SB look for the server even
if its off, so the error message pops up on the screen and eventually
remains there permanently. When the server is turned back on then I need to
go through the setup process also.

I raised a bug request for this a while back.

Surely, as the SB knows the server is down, can it stop displaying error
messages? I guess someone will counter this by saying what if you use the SB
remote, then in that case perhaps the error is warranted but I would guess
you should be able to distinguish between SB and other remote controls and
react accordingly.