View Full Version : Missing Albums?

Michael Macaulay
2004-03-29, 02:16
In my brief experience, I have found that certain characters in the tags prevent the SlimServer from indexing them correctly. Particularily, languages other than English. I've retyped these titles and SlimServer sees them now.

Jon Nyholt <jonkristjan (AT) rogers (DOT) com> wrote:
I just got my Squeebox a couple days ago and I absolutely love it.
However I noticed that some of my albums don't get listed when I browse
by artists or albums but they do show up when I browse the music folder.
I share my iTunes library with Slim Server and I have ID3 info for all
my albums.

So my question is a) does anyone know why this would happen? b) is there
a way to manually add albums that the Slim Server scan missed?