View Full Version : Duet Controller, Transporter and Amplifier Volume Control

2008-08-18, 04:48
Ah, here you all are! Forgive me if you have read this post before but I just found this forum after posing my question on the Beginners and DIY forums. Here is my situation.

I have a Transporter w/ the volume output fixed at 0db. I have a Duet Controller. I have a Cambridge Audio 840v2 Receiver (with IR IN jack).

Question: Can I control the Receiver's Volume Up and Volume Down functions using the Duet Controller and an IR Blaster coming out of the Transporter and/or having the Transporter's IR OUT jack connected to the Receiver's IR IN jack via a mini-mini cable?

I have been told this is not possible but would like to see if anyone on this board has had any success using an IR Blaster with a SB3 or Transporter along with the Duet Controller.


Mark Lanctot
2008-08-20, 05:59
No, this wouldn't work as IR Blaster has no menu on the controller.

I use IR Blaster to automate certain functions when power is activated. This will work with the controller in that the controller can turn the player on just like the IR remote can, triggering several IR commands. After those commands take place, IR Blaster doesn't do anything else.

I'm not sure how else IR Blaster can be used - I hear it can be used as a repeater, but I'm not sure it can generate arbitrary commands like you want, simply because there's no way to control it apart from the web interface.