View Full Version : Slimp3 not booting anymore

2008-08-16, 23:30
I got a slimp3 from a friend who found that he couldn't get it to boot anymore. Sure enough, it's not doing well.

So far:
* I've tested the PSU, and swapped with another PSU from my SB3.
* Most of the time it does nothing except the link light comes on and the packet light blinks when there is activity on my network. When it does this, the VFD heaters do not seem to be coming on at all.
* Sometimes it boots with an underbar in the upper left
* Once it booted up normally to firmware 1.2 (I guess he didn't do many updates on it :)
* Once it booted up and did an underbar dance and then locked up.

Suggestions? Ideas?

Mark Lanctot
2008-08-19, 07:17
I recall reading about re-seating the socketed CPU in the SliMP3. Apparently the contacts can oxidize.

You probably have to pop it out with an extraction tool, lightly polish the contacts with something (I have a fibreglass "pen" which is for things like this) then re-insert it. Perhaps just extracting it and reinserting it might be enough.

Since I don't have a SliMP3 and I'm not sure what the socketed chip looks like, I don't know if the contacts are too delicate for cleaning this way, but I'm basing this on other socketed chips I've seen like Zilog CPU chips and BIOS chips in motherboards.