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2008-08-16, 13:02
I was under the assumption that you don't really require wifi because of the ethernet port on the squeeze box, and was hoping I could use ethernet with the controller connecting to the squeezebox.

I have wifi in my house but it is disconnecting a lot and it isn't inconvenient to hardwire the squeezebox.

How do I make the squeezebox exclusively use ethernet. I see where you can select ethernet during set up but the controller still tries to login to my wifi network.


Eric Seaberg
2008-08-16, 13:28
Do a factory reset and you'll be able to start over. Unplug the power, hold down the '+' key on the remote aimed at the SB3 and plug the power back in. The screen should say 'factory reset'.

2008-08-16, 13:38
Hi, I already did a factory reset, no go.
I think I have bigger problems, It won't connect to ethernet at all, it just says unable to connect to your ethernet network.

I tried this via a router and directly out to the internet neither worked.

DO you think there might be something physically wrong with my SB. I was experience serious disconnect problems via wifi and WPA , i had to switch to WEP but I don't like using WEP.


Eric Seaberg
2008-08-16, 16:11
If you connected DIRECTLY to the ethernet port of your server you need to use a crossover cable and, most likely, issue a static IP to both the server and the player.

When you used a router, was it setup to issue DHCP?

2008-08-17, 01:10
Yes for sure i'm using DHCP.
I also reset my router, no dice.

2008-08-17, 01:23
I use fixed addresses for my ethernet connections.

If I remember correctly I found that sometimes the adsl/router device would do it's dhcp thing and change addresses or the router switch would also interfere.

2008-08-17, 03:45
>but the controller still tries to login<

So you have a Duet?

2008-08-17, 04:17
yeah i'm using a duet.
How can you set static settings with the SB?

Eric Seaberg
2008-08-17, 08:38
yeah i'm using a duet.
How can you set static settings with the SB?

I misunderstood. Your original post (and the one above) you're saying SqueezeBox, which I thought was the SB3 and NOT the Duet.