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2008-08-16, 05:21
I posted this message in another thread which I later realized was part of the Beta forum. Since the beta is long over, I figured I'd move it over here:

Has anybody noticed that the sort order is not consistent depending on how you got to the list of albums?

I have mine set up so that the sort order is based on artist/year/album (that may not be exact, but I have chose the one that involves the year).

The other day I noticed that the albums were being listed in alphebetical order by the album title. This wasn't what I wanted!! I checked the config and it was set to incorporate the year. As an experiment, I went into a genre and listed all of the albums. Those were listed in year order.

So it seems that when you list albums under a particular artist, not matter what the setting, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Has anybody else noticed this? Am I doing something wrong? The web interface does it correctly.

I understand the differences in opinion on what the sort order should be, but I would think it should be consistent regardless of how you navigated to obtain a list of albums.

2008-08-16, 10:42
Yup, same thing happening here. Feel free to raise a bug report, doesn't sound like it's as intended.

2008-08-16, 17:25
Hi Radish (fellow New Jersian :-) -

I've submitted a bug about this here:

Thanks for your confirmation on this.