View Full Version : Internet Radio Problems

2004-03-28, 10:07
Hi, I'm having real difficulty maintaining an internet radio
stream from my wireless AP to the Squeezebox. Streaming
my local .mp3 collection plays flawlessly on the Squeezebox.
I can listen to the internet radio stations locally on my computer,
but as soon as I try to play them through the Squeezebox,
the buffer takes forever to fill up enough to start the audio,
and if it does get to that point, the buffer depletes
within 1 minute and the stream just stops.

At first, my inclination was that there is something
misconfigured within my wireless AP.
To test, I have another machine on my network
that is connected using a wireless bridge. I was able
to pull up the internet radio perfectly and quickly
locally on that machine using iTunes.
Since that machine is connected to the same
AP as the Squeezebox, I assume the
wireless network settings are OK. The bridge that the
other computer is connected through is a
802.11b bridge. My wireless AP is 802.11g.
I'm using an Apple G5 as my SlimServer
connected to the AP via cable.

Anyone have any ideas what's going on?
I've tried both 128k and 64k streams from
various stations and get the same results.
Also, I've tried changing the wireless channel, made
sure 802.11b compatibility is enabled, etc...

Thanks in advance