View Full Version : I-Dosers?

2008-08-15, 11:48
Anybody here ever hear of, or try, idosers? They're apparently long music tracks that cause you to trip like you're on drugs..

Anyway, thought it'd be a neat addition to my collection- since idosers require headphones to "work" properly, and we'll be getting audio on the controller soon, it seemed like a good match-

but I tried some last night, and didn't have any luck. Thoughts? Maybe it's simply placebo effect for the more gullable?

2008-08-15, 11:58

I personally never experienced a huge effect but haven't given it a lot of effort.

2008-08-15, 12:10
There's no way they're ever going to beat tripping on real drugs.


2008-08-16, 02:24
Sounds like bollocks to me. I have listened to plenty of way out ambient electronica, which certainly takes you on a journey when you are in the right mood, but it's never going to be anything like actually taking drugs (i can assure you of that).