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2008-08-15, 04:09
I have just purchased a Duet, and I have to say that I've been very pleased with it. Setting up was pretty straightforward, apart from a minor hiccup which was resolved with help from these forums. I ripped my CD collection a couple of years ago, and this is the first time I've used anything other that a PC to play it.

Anyway.. I have stored my album art, which is a mixture of sleeve scans and downloads, in the form of a folder.jpg file in each directory containing an album. This seems to work well for the Duet controller / SqueezeCenter, but about a quarter of them don't show. These are scattered rather than being at the end of the collection. The jpg files view OK on every other piece of software I've tried them with. Is there a limitation I should be aware of which I need to conform with to show up ?

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2008-08-15, 08:41
I don't know what the limitations exactly are, but coverart sized bigger than 500x500 pixel rarely showed up in the web interface or Squeezeplay for me. Resizing to a smaller size made them be displayed.

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2008-08-15, 08:54
Thanks for the reply. One of the files in question is 300x300 and is just over 20K in size. I have also tried re-encoding using an image editor, just to make sure it's not interleaved or is in some other way 'non-standard'. Could there be some filename case sensitivity ? Each time I copy the file back to the albums directory, I perform a re-scan with "Look for new and changed munic" selected. Should I be doing a full scan instead ?


2008-08-15, 09:17
definitely make sure the files are called folder.jpg, not Folder.jpg. This has caused problems for people in the past.

And a full clear and rescan is always a good idea.

2008-08-15, 09:44
You'll find a list of filenames and types in the help section on squeezecentre. it details the filenames and types it looks for (and in what orer) within the directories your music is stored.

I have a similar issue whereby the squeezebox remote (and the thumbnails in squeezecentre) display the wrong album art. For single tracks and even some albums without any album art - it's defaulting to the albumart for a righteous brothers cd!!

I've searched my music collection for *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif but this artwork just isn't showing up (must be embedded). I've deleted the righteous brothers album from my music collection (not sure what is was doing in there anyway) but it looks like the database is holding on to it (even after a rescan).

Any ideas about how I resolve this rather annoying problem other than using tag&rename to clear out all the artwork?

2008-08-15, 10:11
That fixed it I'm glad to report. I did a test on one of my files, changed from folder.JPG, and now it shows up. Now to go through the rest of the collection.

Much appreciated!