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Michael Gerbasio
2004-03-28, 08:05
You can also set up EAC to encode to flac after it rips each track from the
CD. Also, foobar2k has the ability to work with flac files and has a really
nice tagger if you need to modify your flac tags or use replaygain.
My configuration is as follows:

With EAC press F11, go to External Compression tab:
Check "Use external program for compression
Parameter passing scheme: User Defined Encoder
Use file extension: .flac
Program, including path, used for compression: d:\program
Additional command line options: -6 -V -T "artist=%a" -T "title=%t" -T
"album=%g" -T "date=%y" -T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" -T "comment=EAC
0.9beta4 / FLAC 1.1.0 q6" %s
check "Delete WAV after compression"

I don't think any of the other setting have any effect.

Regards-Michael G.

Ken Veasey
2004-03-28, 15:26
Thanks to everyone.

Michael that's speeded things up.

One last question I've seen somewhere its possible for one of the
rippers to set up a directory named with the artist and album name
automatically. Would that be EAC and if so how?

Just getting lazy now :)