View Full Version : Softsqueeze on a p200 64mb ?

2008-08-15, 00:50
I'd like to use an old laptop of mine as a squeeze client. Softsqueeze i guess.

The laptop has prettu poor specs: 200mhz DELL pentium with 64mb ram and it has a cdplayer.

I'm not good at linux at all so if thats the best solution I would hope for a bootable cd or something that installs pretty much by booting from the cd.

How are the lightweight linux distros regarding soundcard drivers? If i install a lightweight linux distro, will it find the card automatically if it is of a pretty common brand? It that is possible, I guess that I only have to install java and get squeezebox and all done?

Any suggestion of a simple linux distro or else that would fit my needs are welcome.

2008-08-15, 02:02
64 MByte is very little RAM even for small Linux distros if you want to install X too. What is the original OS used on this laptop? What machine are you using as server?

Bye, signorRossi.

2008-08-15, 04:19
I run squeezeslave on an old toshiba 133MHz pentium-mmx laptop with 48MB of RAM all the time. Works perfectly. It runs an old i586 release of archlinux, X is not installed.


2008-08-15, 10:12
Yup, I'd use squeezeslave. Softsqueeze uses Swing and as a result is not going to be happy on a 64mb machine!