View Full Version : Boombox/Tabletop Form Factor for SB?

2008-08-14, 12:25
I noticed this photo on another thread in a language other than English. Does anyone know if this is for real? The proportions hint at the product potentially having integrated AudioEngine Series 2 speakers -- recommended several places here in the forums for secondary listening rooms. I now have two pair connected to SB and they sound wonderful. If this product is for real, I'd be very interested in buying at least one for my home and I know of others who'd be interested as well.

2008-08-14, 12:39
The speculation thread:

Logitech have made no official response to this as yet.

Howard Passman
2008-08-14, 14:07
...that thread is totally clogged.....

One of the quicker folks captured the manual when it was up. I looked at the image of the Boom from the manual and the rear shot is from the SB3 exactly. The specs also say it is 7" long. It appeard to me that the specs were also from the SB3, processor and all with the exception of the speakers. Obviously the SB3 doesn't have speakers. Anyone else notice this?

I have one on order with Amazon, so I guess I'll find out sooner or later :-)