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2004-03-27, 15:01
This IS covered in the FAQ. Slim Devices does not offer a software player
that will synchronize with what the squeezebox is doing. There are a number
of reasons for this including buffering, and the differing capabilities of
different PC software players (winamp, iTunes, etc).

However, maybe you should look at the GIANT THREAD about the softsqueeze
program which a user has created, since it will basically do something
similar to what you want.

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Hi all

I've got a squeezebox in my lounge, the host PC (PC 1) in the study and
another networked PC( PC 2) in another room in the house. I access the
music collection on the host PC on PC 2 via the network IP and that works
fine. However what I would like to do is to synchronize PC 2 with what is
being played on the squeezebox. Is that possible?

I can see a question on how to synchronize 2 squeezeboxes on the FAQ but not
how to answer my problem!

Thanks for your help