View Full Version : Albums in sqeezecenter dont show up on controller

2008-08-13, 16:48
I have an album in my library that shows up on the squeezecenter album list when I use my laptop, and plays fine on my transporter when I access it from my laptop. It will then show up on my controller as now playing. However, this album does not appear on the controller list of albums. I've rescanned the library a few times (including complete rescan) and powered the controller on and off, as well as rebooting my ReadyNas+. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am running the most recent release of squeezecenter on the NAS.

I am using a transporter, controller remote, lynksys router 802.1g, and readynas RAID running latest release of squeezecenter for ReadyNAS.

edited 8/16/08 -Tech support suggested re-ripping, which worked. Made me kind of curious as to why it was good enough to play on transporter starting from SC on my laptop, but not show up on the controller, but re-ripping did work. Tech support didn't really have an explaination