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2008-08-13, 05:12
I have just installed WHS on a spare machine, and have successfully installed SC 7.1. All works fine.
However... I cant seem to get AlienBBC up and running. I've installed using the .exe, but then get nothing to indicate its installed. Nothing has appeared on the SB2 interface, nothing has appeared on the web interface. Any ideas what's gone wrong ?
mplayer seems to be working fine using the test that runs at AlienBBC install.

Any tips on how to get this working ?

2008-08-13, 05:14
Did you install AlienBBC 2.01 for 7.1 ?

Make sure you didn't install 2.01 for 7.0 or 2.00 for 7.0 by accident as they won't run on 7.1.

2008-08-13, 05:38
Thanks. Removed and re-installed making totally sure i have all the right files. Now working!

Incidently, installed WHS within VMWare to take a look before I buy a server to host it. Looks excellent so far (and VMWare is running smooth as anything too...)

2008-08-13, 06:44
I note above but I have been following the thread on getting BBCi to work for a few weeks now without any success at all. I have seen others having success but not me. Been through every version from 1 to 5 too. Updated Alien, updated Squeezecenter, all with no success.

Problem now is that Alien itself has gone - just after my updating to SC 7.1. I'm on 2.01b1_7 for Alien and like I say v5 for BBCi player files. And Alien has just gone.

Use Alien more than anything else so since BBCi came in it's all been a bit difficult for me.

2008-08-13, 07:03
What OS are you using ?

If using Windows - did you use the .exe installer ?

What is the name of the file you used to install 2.01b1_7 ?

2008-08-13, 07:20
On Vista premium. Installed latest version of Alien just by double clicking on download (in Firefox download screen)

2008-08-13, 07:37
There are 2 versions of latest AlienBBC - one for 7.0 and one for 7.1.

Which one did you select ?

2008-08-13, 08:10
D..n never noticed that. Sorry - will install now. (Also seen you made the same point on another thread - sorry again.)

2008-08-13, 08:30
Spoke too soon there. Got Alien for 7.1 but is the "install" meant to work - it just opens in a browser. Anyway copied all the unzipped files over but still no Alien. Probably me again but help would be appreciated.

2008-08-13, 08:44
It will work if you choose the installer and not the .zip file.

Installer link for alien 2.01b1 for SC 7.1


2008-08-13, 09:29
Yes I had downloaded and run that file already. All looked ok but still no Alien appears (that was why I had delved into files to see if I was missing anything). (I don't see any files later than June 08 being installed but 7.1 was released on 28th July?)

2008-08-13, 09:59
7.1 was in development for many months before it was released and the necessary 7.1 support changes to AlienBBC were finalised before 7.1 was released.

The wiki gives troubleshooting advice for Alienbbc. Basically.,

1. Reboot the PC - I think Windows has some strange caching which can affect plugin installation.

2. Verify the installation directory (e.g. what is the full path for the RTSP.pm file)

3. Is there an AlienBBC entry in Settings/Plugins.

4. If there is an AlienBBC entry in Settings/Plugins - what happens if you click the AlienBBC "settings"

5. Do you have RTSP entries in Settings/Advanced/File Types

2008-08-13, 10:34
Yes thanks for all that. A switch off and another install has got Alien back.

Copied in the latest V5 iplayer files though with no joy which is where I came in a while back. I'll try this switching/off and reinstalling for a bit and see if that works. Maybe I'm looking for things that aren't there yet - mostly Radio 3 such as Late Junction but also wake up to money from Fivelive and Ian Anderson from Radio Scotland. I have a listen again option with none of them there and there is meant to be an iplayer on the menu which is where they will be?

2008-08-13, 13:20
The top level "Listen Again" is broken for most stations.

With V5 There should be a 2 menu item at the very end. One will be called "BBC iPlayer radio" and another something like "Search iPlayer". Once V5 addon files are opied to Alien/Addons these menu items will only appear after SC restarted .

All the programs you have listed are marked as available under iPlayer - however BBC have had some problems where programs are not recorded or recorded in RealAudio. This is a BBC problem.

Assuming V5 addons files have been copied to the correct directory, then you should check location of alienbbc.opml and any permissions/access that could interfere with accessing the file.