View Full Version : Clock display even when my PC/SC is off ?

2008-08-12, 13:37

I already own a SB3 and I plan to get one more for my bedroom (with AudioEngine self-powered speakers).

Of course, I'd like to use this new SB3 as an alarm clock. So I'd like to see date and especially time... even during the night (with a dimmed display).
But during night, my PC/SqueezeCenter is off and, with my present SB3, I can't get the clock displayed if my PC is off.

Maybe I should add that I rarely use SqueezeNetwork : most of the time, I am not connected to it. One other thing : my WIFI network is always on.

So the final question is : is there a way to get the time displayed while Squeezecenter is off ?


2008-08-12, 14:11
Only by switching to SN before shutting down SC.

2008-08-12, 14:19
Argh ! That's what I thought and feared...
Thank you for your answer.

2008-08-12, 23:56
There is an enhancement request in Bugzilla for auto connecting to SqueezeNetwork when a local SqueezeCenter cannot be found.


2008-08-13, 08:57
My squeezebox duet software receieved an automatic upgrade recently.

Before the upgrade, if I selected "turn off the sqeeezebox" on the controller, then turned off my PC running squeezecenter, the clock would freeze during the night, and the controller would display "searching for network" every 5 minutes (very annoying).

With the new software, turning off the squeezebox and powering down the squeezecenter always shows the clock with the correct time. This is a big improvement. I assume the software upgrade caused the improved behaviour.

Maybe new software in the SB3 has also changed it behavour, anyone know?

Thanks to funkstar for requesting an squeezenetwork/squeezecenter auto-select feature. Hope it gets fixed n the next release.

Mark Lanctot
2008-08-13, 10:32
Maybe new software in the SB3 has also changed it behavour, anyone know?

No, this is not possible. The SB3 does not have a real-time clock, any time data must come from a connected server (SC or SN).

The controller has a complete operating system (Linux) so it has the power necessary to run a clock on its own, which it synchs to the server when it's connected.

2008-08-15, 14:51
This is similar to something that has always bugged me...I understand why the clock goes off, but what about when the SB was connected to Squeezenetwork the night before, and now I want to listen to something in my music library? I turn SB on and choose connect to SqueezeCenter, it hangs, then the display goes off. Then I have to turn SB back on and it will connect. Normal behavior???

Eric Seaberg
2008-08-15, 16:30
But during night, my PC/SqueezeCenter is off and, with my present SB3, I can't get the clock displayed if my PC is off.

Why do you turn your server off, unless it's a HUGE tower or something? I've got the server running on a Mac MINI sitting in a closet (no kbd/mouse/monitor) with 1.5TB of external storage. It has been ON for almost two-years...NEVER turning it off.

I've never had issues with it being left on, and this allows any 'alarm'/'weather' page to be on when I want to see it. I also use AUTO-DIM for the units I don't want to see, turning the disply off at 11:00pm and on at 5:30am. Of course, if you want it to act as a 'clock/alarm' you would avoid that plugin.

2008-08-16, 09:13

I only have one PC (and I don't want more) which needs 90W (idle). I do not need it while I'm asleep so I turn it off every night. Moreover, I like polar bears and Greenland so if I can limit a little bit the global warming... :-)

I think I'm going to setup my computer in a way that it will automatically power on at a given time in the morning, a few minutes before the SB3 wakes me up.

2008-08-16, 10:20
In most places, peak electricity demand is during the day, when people are active and at work. And in the afternoon in hot climates where air conditioning is prevalent.

Conventional power plants can't throttle up/throttle back during the course of the 24 hour cycle, so that most continue to produce at the daytime baseline power level during the night. Put another way, much more electicity is produced during the night than is used. So, as a generalized illustration, if everyone left their lights on all night, within a range, there would be no net increase required in electricity production (and no change in the fuel consumed to produce electricity), because the customers would just be consuming what is otherwise produced and not used. This is why some electricial companies offer peak/off-peak pricing, to move usage to off peak times, which then reduces needed capacity.

This is also why rechargeable autos offer such promise, because to recharge during off-peak times would use essentially "free" power from a capacity perspective, electricity that is produced anyway during the off-peak time but is currently not used.

So, other than the fact that leaving your machine on all night will cause an increase in your electrical bill, you can do so with a clear conscience insofar as the environment is concerned!

Eric Seaberg
2008-08-16, 13:40
I have my server handle backups on a rotating nightly schedule at 1:00AM. My entire music library of 450+GB is scanned and updated, as well as other systems in the house that have iPod libraries, ripped movie files, user settings, etc.

For the minimal amount of electricity I may be using (based on the previous posts), I'm better off leaving my system on. Besides, it's really better for the computer power supply and associated parts to stay on, IMHO.