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2008-08-12, 13:24
Hey all. One last try to solve my Controller, Transporter and Amplifier Volume Control situation. Below is dialogue I had w/ Slim Support (last correspondance is at the top of the page - initial question at the bottom).

Any advice/personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks!!


Yes, that is correct. Iíll post this thread to the board and see if anyone can come up with a work-around. Thanks.


From: Logitech Customer Support [mailto:logitech_sms_en@mailca.custhelp.com]
Sent: August 12, 2008 4:05 PM
To: jasonnewhouse@hotmail.com
Subject: IR Blaster, Transporter and Duet Controller [Incident: 080808-002921]


Unfortunately there is no way to have this function currently work with SqueezeCenter.

You could possibly have someone try to make a 3rd party plugin that might work.

Just so that I am clear...you would like your controller to control the volume of your Cambridge system by using the IR Blaster connected to the Transporter?

I would also try to ask this question on our user forums where we have a large community of people that are more than willing to help.


Customer (Jason Newhouse) 08/12/2008 12:29 PM
Thanks for the reply but I just wanted to run something by you. When I don't have the Transporter's volume fixed at 0dB I can control the output volume with the Controller. I understand that the Controller's IR Emitter is currently disabled but isn't there a way to program SqueezeCenter to use the TRANSPORTER's IR OUT function in sync with the Controller?



From: Logitech Customer Support [mailto:logitech_sms_en@mailca.custhelp.com]
Sent: August 12, 2008 2:22 PM
To: jasonnewhouse@hotmail.com
Subject: IR Blaster, Transporter and Duet Controller [Incident: 080808-002921]
Response (Anoop) 08/12/2008 11:22 AM

Unfortunately at the moment the IR on the Controller is not implemented.

That was put there for a future firmware upgrade.

I apologize but at the moment that will not work.
Response (Chad H.) 08/11/2008 09:22 AM
Thank you for contacting Squeezebox Support. This issue is being escalated to our second tier support team. Someone from there will be in contact with you within 1 business day. If it is more convenient, you may also call our phone support line at 1-877-887-8889 Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm PDT.


Customer (Jason Newhouse) 08/08/2008 05:14 AM
Hello. I control my new Transporter with my Duet Controller (I only have
the Controller, not the Duet Receiver).

Would I be able to use the IR Blaster feature to send "Volume Up" and
"Volume Down" commands to my Cambridge Audio 840A amplifier using the

Would I be able to do this with the Transporter's balanced XLR outputs set
to fixed 0dB?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Jason Newhouse

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Product Level 1: Logitech
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Product Level 3: Transporter
Date Created: 08/08/2008 05:14 AM
Last Updated: 08/12/2008 01:05 PM
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2008-08-12, 13:57
You're not alone - already this (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=50852) thread. It's unfortunate that the Controller can't control the volume on the amp, particularly when listening to DTS/DD encoded tracks as it's no longer possible to alter the volume of the SBR (or SB3).

Now that Slim Devices are owned by Logitech it should be much easier to leverage their Harmony database and pull down the volume +/- IR codes for a huge number of amplifiers.

EDIT: Well done, you started the other thread as well! Why didn't you just update it with your Support details?!

2008-08-12, 18:23
Thanks. Not sure why I didn't just add on to my other thread. Desperation (Well not REAL desperation) maybe??

2008-08-13, 03:52
IIRC there's a confusion about sending custom IR codes from the Controller and using IRBlaster.

The support peeps are correct, that the SBC can currently only send the IR codes of a standard Squeezebox remote (and that's hidden away in the Factory Test menus).

IRBlaster works by setting the output of the TP to a fixed value, then on the Squeezecenter volume up/down events are trapped by the plugin and used to trigger IR codes for an (pre)amp from the IR out jack on Transporter.

2008-08-13, 08:19
amcluesent, this is exactly what I thought you could do. I just want to hear it from it Slim before I order the IR Blaster. It is a work-around to being able to send IR signals direct from the Controller but it should work for now.

Slim, I think we're on different pages here so please respond - is it definitely not possible to control an amp's volume function using a (Duet)Controller and a Transporter to send the IR codes via an IR Blaster cable?

2008-08-13, 14:11
TBH, if I were an employee of Slimdevices I'd be mad to warrant the functionality of 3rd party plugin.

2008-08-13, 17:10
...surely someone at Slim must know the answer as they sell the IR Blaster.