View Full Version : Can't rescan playlists after SC7.1 update!

2008-08-11, 09:28
I have just performed a rescan of my music-folders with no problem at all but when I try to rescan the playlist (which have work in the earlier versions) the scan seems to last forever1 Anyone experiencing with the same problem?

2008-08-11, 13:57
I had a similar problem.

It appeared that I had a link in one of the folders directing to the top folder again. So, basically I had an endless loop for SC to work on.

SC 7.01 had no probs with that (obviously broke up or had a better algorithm to recognize loops), but 7.1 looped forever.

Removing the link solved the problem.

You can easily search for it in the command line with "dir *.lnk /s" command in the root folder that you pointed SC to.