View Full Version : SC7.1 added "My Radio Stations"

2008-08-11, 06:59
Before I ask my two quick questions: Thanks again to any/all SD employees and developers for another OUTSTANDING upgrade (SC7.1) to an already INCREDIBLE product/service. Bravo! :)

1. SC7.1 has added "My Radio Stations" folder. I'm guessing this is just to add another favorites folder, with all the same functionality of the previous favorites folder, so we can separate our Radio favorites from our stored music favorites? Or is there current (or future) added functionality to the "My Radio Stations" folder?

2. Is there any way to move my existing favorites folders (all Radio stations) into the new "My Radio Stations" folder? Basically I just want to cut & paste each of my favorites folders into the new "My Radio Stations" folder but there is not a cut & paste feature for an entire folder already in My Favorites.

I tried the import function, attempting to import my entire favorites.opml, but SC didn't like this idea. :)

Thanks :)