View Full Version : Squeezebox+wifi+XP = serious dropouts

Electric Slimpy
2004-03-26, 09:12
--- Ron Thigpen <rthigpen (AT) nc (DOT) rr.com> wrote:
> Electric Slimpy wrote:
> > Unfortunately, a friend trying to mirror my results with a Squeezebox under XP has
> > had LOUSY results and his situation needs some serious improvement.
> Does your friend have an Intel NIC? There is a networking issue that
> has been traced back to Intel NIC driver offloading certain functions to
> XP, which apparently handles them differently.

Thank you for the quick reply, Ron. I have seen the Intel NIC issue bite many
folks. He has a Realtek (actually built into an Nforce2 mboard). I made some
other changes to the AP which I hope will get him to the reliability that these
products are capable of.

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