View Full Version : Squeezebox+wifi+XP = serious dropouts

Electric Slimpy
2004-03-26, 09:10
Some additonal info.. While rolling back to v5.1.1 I had some issues and reviewed the wifi
config on the squeezebox. The wireless signal strength would start high and end up in the
single digits within a few seconds.

I now have the squeezebox and the AP 4 feet apart. Signal strength was still low so I switched
from channel 10 to channel 1. Signal strength is only 17-24%. I verified the low signal strength
with my laptop wifi. Further investigation of the AP revealed a Beacon inteval set to 1000 ms
rather than the default 100 ms. Changing that to 100 ms increased the signal strength as
reported by the laptop and the squeezebox to 100%. BTW, Linksys tech support recommends channel
6 or 11.

I am not sure if this will fix the problem (since this improvement may just be a symptom based
on how the strength is calculated) but am holding off on switching him to ethernet. I will
report back either way.

Thank you!

--- Electric Slimpy <electric_slimpy_land (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> I have had GREAT success with my Slimp3 under Linux over the past couple of years and currently
> drive it via WIFI (WAP11 + WET11).
> Unfortunately, a friend trying to mirror my results with a Squeezebox under XP has
> had LOUSY results and his situation needs some serious improvement.
> On a daily basis he has drop-outs. Sometimes the music just stops, other times there is
> a message on the squeezebox about not being able to contact the server. He says that it does
> often happen after a period of inactivity.
> I have tried many releases and nightly builds since he purchased in December. I
> increased the priority of the Slimserver service as suggested in the FAQ.
> I just reviewed the FAQ again and find the documentation very lacking compared to how many
> times I see related issues on this mailing list.
> I have suggested that he drop the WIFI for now and go to ethernet to see if the
> problems resolve. I am about to cable that up for him. He is pissed because he bought
> the AP specificaly for the Squeezebox and he feels like he threw money away.
> He is running XP on an Athlon XP2200, 256 MB ram, WAP11, WET11. I have him on channel 10 to
> avoid a couple of weak AP's on channel 6. He has these problems even when the windows box is
> completely idle.
> Thanks for any help!
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