View Full Version : Networking question: wireless gateway without connection to the internet

2008-08-10, 06:01
Hi All,

Forgive me if this is a stupid question... my networking knowledge is limited, to say the least.

I have a Duet and a Qnap 109II singing (figuratively and literally) happily along, connected to a Thomson Speedtouch 585 wireless gateway. (PS: huge thanks to flipflip for all the work on SSOTS. With QPKG, install was easy enough for me.)

I'm moving to Scotland soon (from Canada) (for love, to answer your next question). I know we'll have a wireless network where I'll be living, but my concern is that the Duet won't work as well as it does now. So my crazy idea is to bring the gateway with me and have it running just for the Duet/NAS, but without connecting the whole rig to the internet.

Obviously, I won't get internet radio and updates will involve moving files from my laptop. I'm also not sure how (if) I could connect my laptop to two networks simultaneously (internet on one; SqueezeCenter on the other), but losing the convenience of always-on PC SqueezeCenter isn't a deal breaker.

So, can this work? Do any of the puzzle pieces require a live connection to the internet? If the Duet doesn't work nicely with the existing wireless, would it be simpler to just try and make the Speedtouch the main gateway?

Thanks in advance for reading this far and any help you can offer. (And job offers for an experienced carpenter in Edinburgh would be welcome as well.)


2008-08-10, 11:57
Other than internet based services, nothing requires an internet connection, so I wouldn't expect a problem there. However, I don't see any reason you couldn't just wire the Thomson unit to your network once you get to Scotland and use it as a second AP (or disable whatever's there) if it works better with the Duet.

Oh and don't forget the voltage difference!