View Full Version : Problems with playlist after upgrade

2008-08-09, 03:18

I have a Duet and I upgraded both squeezecenter and the controller yesterday and seem to have a problem playing playlists. What I experience is that when adding songs to playlist with the + button and then push the next button to move on in the playlist it plays the next song in the directory instead.

Looking in squeezecenter it looks like it adds all songs in the directory after pushing play. Any other songs adde to playlist with the + button after that ends up in the playlist after all the other songs in the directory of the first song played.

Am I messing up some settings or what. This was not a problem before the upgrade.

Does anyone else have this problem? Please help.


2008-08-09, 11:15
I'm unclear as to what you are trying to accomplish. Are you simply trying to add the song to the playlist, and have it play after the current song completes? If that is the case, and you have SC 7.1, press and hold the + button until you see the pop up that tells you that the song has been added next to the playlist. If you press and immediately release the + button, it will add the song to the end of the playlist.