View Full Version : Internet radio not working

Matt Yazawa
2004-03-25, 09:13
Hi Guy,

I just scanned the list to see whether someone else has the same problems as
I do (now: had).
My Squeezebox didn't want to play internet radio stations neither. I use a
Debian Linux server running a SlimServer nightly build (17. March or so).
After exhaustivly searching for the problem's cause an idea came to me when
I watched the processes running on the machine. There's some DNS services
that SlimServer starts in order to resolve the radio station's names to ip
addresses. I then remembered that my firewall's policy is to block outgoing
traffic from the server and I didn't open the dns port. After changing the
policy to accept all outgoing traffic - just to check whether this was the
problem - my Squeezebox began to play as if there was no problem ever...
Maybe you're having the same problem there, who knows.

Hope to have helped,