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2008-08-08, 13:28
My SB3 gets switched off when my hifi system is not in use and SC (currently running 7.2) is configureed to sleep after 3 min inactivity.

I leave my Controller on all of the time and I'm findng that the 'Choose Player' option keeps disppearing from the menu and I have to restart the thing to make it functional. The Controller is presently on 7.2r2799 firmware but this has been happening in 7.1 updates as well. Very annoying! Anyone else have this problem?


Brian Ritchie
2008-08-09, 17:17
Not a problem I'm having. I've seen something like it occasionally in the past, where changes in state (on vs. standby) on the SB3 or SBR weren't picked up by the Controller, and if I was late turning one unit on, the C. wouldn't offer it as a choice; but I haven't seen this recently.

(I do find that sync'ing the SBR with the SB3 when the latter is off (on standby) results in both playing in sync, but the SB3's display, and the Controller's status, looks like it's still off! Trying to turn the SB3 "on" actually turns it off properly, and breaks the sync. Thank heavens for the Other Players plugin, which lets me turn on the SB3 while connected to the SBR, then tell the SBR to sync with it.)

I turn off my SB3 and SBR each night (at the socket), hibernate the PC that's running SC (7.1, official release), and turn off the wireless router. I used to turn off the Controller as well, but found myself always wishing it was already on when I needed it, so now just leave it on (in its cradle). Despite it losing all its SBs and then the whole damn network, when I restart the other bits next day, so far all is well.

(Quite why I don't just start the controller as part of starting up everything else, I'm not sure. It just felt like every time I wanted to use it, it was off, and took longer to start up than I was prepared to wait. One problem with the bleeding-edge releases was finding the Controller wanting to update itself almost every day, just when I wanted to use it *now*!)

-- Brian

2008-08-10, 03:50
Like you I find it too much hassle to turn the Controller off when not in use. Having moaned, it seems to be behaving itself better with the latest update.

My wife thinks I should stop tinkering with the system and resist the temptation to keep trying new SC versions. She may have a point.


2008-08-10, 04:06
>My wife thinks I should stop tinkering with the system<

Nah, then you'd be at a loose-end and she'd start talking about her day ;)