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2008-08-08, 12:56
I have a rudimentary understanding of the Default.map and Custom.map files. I want to map a button press to a MUTE function. I would like to simultaneously press on both the VOL_UP and VOL_DOWN buttons and get a volume level of ZERO (Mute). Also, if possible, I would like any subsequent press of VOL_UP or VOL_DOWN to result in the volume to return to the previous state, i.e. if volume was at 65 prior to mute, the volume would return to 65 after the VOL_UP or VOL_DOWN (second) hit.

Are either of these possible? How would I do this? Also, would the line go into the [Common] section of the .map file or another section? I would guess that I should make a Custom.map file by copying all of the Default.map file to it and adding the appropriate MUTE function line?

2008-08-09, 00:03
In looking over the Default.map file, I notice there IS a Muting function. It is labelled "Muting" but since there is no "MUTE" button the SB remote (major oversight IMO), how can I change that to something like key press "VOL_UP + VOL_DOWN"? And again, is it possible to resume volume at the previous level?

Also, since I was looking at the .map file, what is the function of "PITCHUP/PITCHDOWN," "BASSUP/BASSDOWN," and "TREBLEUP/TREBLEDOWN"?

2008-08-09, 01:24
I think you can only map a single button function with possibility on some buttons of Hold and Repeat.

I think Bass/Treble are available on SB1.

From a historical basis where audio files were playedmore than "radio" - I think Pause is equivalent to Mute. First action of Pause is to set vol to 0.

2008-08-09, 14:52
I think Pause is equivalent to Mute. First action of Pause is to set vol to 0.

But is there a way to MUTE without pausing? I have read many of the discussions here regarding pro/con MUTE, but since during the day in my office I listen to several live streams that I don't want to (can't) pause when a phone call comes in, I need a quick MUTE function. It takes to long to hold the VOL_DOWN button to get volume down and muted.

If I can't do it with a two-button press, then I'll map the 0 (zero) button for MUTE, but I still need a MUTE function. And I would love .. if possible .. to be able to un-MUTE back to the original volume. I just have no idea how to do it.

2008-08-09, 23:28
Create a custom map file, called whatever you like, say "Custom.map", with the following:

0 = muting

I believe it then requires restarting the server. I was just playing with it and although you can select a new custom map for a player it doesn't appear to have any effect until the server is restarted, so I guess the mappings are only loaded at startup.

After you've restarted the server, in the Remote settings for the player select the custom mapping instead of Standard.

2008-08-13, 14:53
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried all of those steps and restarted Squeezecenter, but I get nothing when I press the "0" button.

2008-08-27, 21:51
Anyone know why I can't get this to work?

2008-08-28, 00:57
mine mutes when i press both volume buttons at the same time, and returns to the previous volume level when i press both again. Standard feature, I guess...

ah, just realised, you're talking about the 'old'-style remote, not the new SBC. Sorry.

2008-09-10, 14:31
That's what I really wanted! Pressing VOL_UP + VOL_DOWN = MUTE

So .. can anyone tell me how to program this on the standard Squeezebox remote (not the Controller)?

2008-09-24, 19:48
I guess I'll try again ..

Is there ANY way to implement a "MUTE" function on the standard Squeezebox remote?

I've read the "How Do I Map a Remote Control Button" and saw THIS (when someone wanted to have date/time some up when holding the text size button):

size = dead
size.single = brightness_toggle
size.hold = datetime

I have absolutely NO idea after reading that thread or the Wiki what any of those commands mean or how to adapt them to do what I want to do.

What I DID do was add to "Custom.map" :


0 = Muting

and then I made certain that Squeezecenter settings were set to use Custom.map, and restarted Squeezecenter. And when I press zero it still is doing number scroll (like in the default.map settings).

Again, I want to either

(1) press both the Up_VOL AND Down VOL and get a MUTE function. I want a subsequent press of either VOL_UP or VOL_DOWN to return the volume to the previous (unmuted) state.


(2) press and hold the 0 (ZERO) button and get the MUTE function and then return to unmuted state with VOL UP or VOL DOWN.

Can anyone help me do this?