View Full Version : Re: Software Squeezebox

2004-03-25, 04:48
Very Very Cool,

Nice. Now, when I'm working in my office I can be synched with the
Squeezebox downstairs in the living room. Noticed a couple of glitches
last night though...

I saw some odd behaviour last night while synching the squeezebox to the
software squeezebox.

Firstly, no sound came from the hardware Squeezebox when they were both
synched. I also saw some extremely large, and wrong, track lengths on the
h/w Sqzbx.

I'm at work at the moment so I can't check to see if these things happen
unsynched as well

I'm running 5.1.1, firmware 8 on XP Pro SP1 over an SMC wireless router


also, if you're looking for skinning help then I'll gladly offer my
services. Never done any Winamp skinning but have done a fair amount on
WMP. Having my skins included in Japanese "Windows 100%" magazine is my
minor claim to fame :)