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2008-08-08, 02:49

Here's what my setup has been until my Western Digital 500gb NetCenter failed:

Wired ethernet Transporter to router, wired ethernet laptop to router, wired ethernet NetCenter to router with music library visible to SlimServer on my laptop as a network folder. Worked great. 99% of the time I would use SqueezeCenter gui on the laptop to control the Transporter. I liked selecting from my music library on the laptop that way.

Now I need another store for my music library and am considering some sort of headless solution, such as a dedicated pc in a closet as a server running linux or xp or windows home server .. whatever works. Not another NetCenter, something with 2 1TB drives with some sort of backup from 1 drive to another, so I never (?) again have to rebuild my music library.

I would prefer that this dedicated server not only serve .flacs but also have SlimServer installed so music library rescans would run on this box.

But it seems to me I won't be able to run the SqueezeCenter gui on a pc (say my laptop) other than the server in order to control SlimServer on the server. Unless I use some sort of remote pc controller software, such as PcAnywhere. Which would then rule out linux and possibly whs. Or I could connect to the server music library as a network drive, but I'd rather not. Prefer the server and only the server handles the music library.

Have I got this right? Alternatives?

Mark M.

2008-08-08, 03:09
> But it seems to me I won't be able to run the SqueezeCenter gui on a pc
> other than the server .. say my laptop as before ..

Sure you can! Just open http://ip.address.of.your.server:9000



2008-08-08, 03:15
A long winded question and a beautifully compact answer!