View Full Version : Loud pop & noise starting mp3s (7.1 + OSX).

2008-08-07, 20:48
Upgraded to 7.1 today along with the firmware upgrade and I seem to now get a loud split second pop of white noise before a track starts to play. This only appears to happen with mp3s, other formats don't suffer the problem. AAC and Apple Lossless (my other two main formats) play fine without the issue. Anyone else suffering this or can perhaps offer a solution?

Here's my system:

SqueezeCenter Version: 7.1.1 - 22439 @ Thu Aug 7 01:03:17 PDT 2008 - Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17) - EN - utf8
Perl Version: 5.8.8 darwin-thread-multi-2level
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-standard

Obviously this piercing noise, though short, is making the system quite annoying to use at the moment. At one point tonight starting an mp3 just generated endless low-level white noise and I had to reset the SB3 by holding the power button down. Seems very iffy. I go through a wireless network (all my music is managed in iTunes) and the output is through the phonos on the back of the SB3. I upgraded to the nightly build above but this didn't solve the problem. Oh, and I just have mp3 set as 'Native' under the formats pane. Any help appreciated as always.

2008-08-07, 20:59
Does this happen every time you play your files? Can you file a bug and attach one of them? http://bugs.slimdevices.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=SqueezeCenter

2008-08-07, 21:38
Yeah every time so far. Let me try and grab the audio and if I can I'll file a bug and attach the snippet.

Edit: Scratch that, it's not every mp3, I've just tried some more and some are ok. Let me do some more research.

2008-08-08, 07:02
OK, I just need the mp3 file to reproduce.

2008-08-08, 11:45
Hey thanks Andy. I've raised a bug ticket (9078) and have attached a file that pops/clicks every time on startup. I did a lot of playback last night and discovered that the files that show the problem are only a minority and generally ones that aren't ones I ripped/created myself. I honestly don't know if it's a problem with 7.1 but I know they played fine under 7.0.1. Could be related to an OSX/iTunes upgrade, hard to say.

Thanks for responding.