View Full Version : No succesfull downgrade

2008-08-07, 11:06
I have a squeezebox duet. I find out that shoutcast isn't working with SC 7.1, build 22170, with SSOTS release 03, beta 13 on QNAP (bug SSOTS). I have tried to downgrade to a lower build with shoutcast possibility.
I did stop sqeezecenter at SSOTS and downgrade to a lower 7.1 build. But although I did a reset of the controller and also the squeezebox, the squeezebox won't connect with my QNAP. The lower 7.1 version didn't recognise my duet, because the web UI asked to push the brightness button (which isn't at the controller).
What did I wrong or other tips?

2008-08-08, 12:43
....did find the trick.....: delete alle the squeezecenter files at the NAS.