View Full Version : 7.2, Harmony Remote & Transporter Weirdness

2008-08-07, 05:22
7.2 seems to be working fine except my transporter seems to be acting weird when my Harmony 720 sends it commands from the Harmony database. The down arrow seems to be emulating the "5" key and the left arrow seems to be functioning as the right arrow. The supplied Transporter remote works fine. Really weird. I had to set up my 720 to relearn those two commands the old-fashioned way, by putting the 2 remotes end-to-end and memorizing the correct code from the actual Transporter remote. Anyone else experience anything like this??

2008-08-07, 17:58
Weird! Can't say I've seen that, I have a couple of Harmony's and they work fine with the stock setup.