View Full Version : Duet controller and draytek wireless vlan

2008-08-07, 04:49
Just treated myself to a draytek 2910VG router because it has VLAN support and I can keep the neighbours and kids at arms length from the important stuff!

The wireless VLAN works by using a web based login - this is fine for laptops, my nokia 770, pda etc etc but the duet controller falls at the login hurdle. It says connected, but doesn't see the music server. If it was a laptop - I guess it would be sitting on the web login page saying something like 'The draytek router has blocked your access - please login'.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make the controller automatically login at this stage. Is this a trivial code change/some sort of script/not possible etc? (I am a engineer with considerable software experience - but have not yet touched any code in the slimserver and do not have linux experience.

Thanks for any help.


2008-08-07, 05:16
As it is the Controller, yes I reckon it would be possible to get that to work. You'd need to learn a bit of lua to code it and working out where in the Controllers code to add it would be fun.