View Full Version : Sorting Playlists and keeping them in order??

2008-08-07, 04:12
Hey All

I'v got quiet a few playlists in both Media Player & Winamp where i have placed the songs in the order i want them to play. The prob i have is when i play these playlist on my squeezebox the order of the songs change from what i had saved the file as.

Dose anyone have any ideas how to get around this?
Currently using SlimCentre 7.1 the latest version


2008-08-07, 04:15
Do you have Shuffle turned on?


2008-08-07, 04:32
Your a life saver! Just found the little "Feature" thats caused me hours of work haha - its Settings, Shuffle, Don't Shuffle Playlist

Yahoo! I'm a happy chappy :)

2008-08-07, 08:21
Glad to be of assistance. If you have an SB3 (or Classic) it is even easier because there is a Shuffle button right on the remote. If you are using the Controller, and like me need to toggle this setting fairly often, then you can promote the Shuffle item to the top level menu and avoid the need for the Settings, Shuffle routine.