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2008-08-06, 19:05

I just got an Apple Time Capsule (wireless 802.11n access point), and I can't get it to work with my SB3 (which is working fine with an older Apple Airport 802.11b). The symptoms are exactly as described in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=48334 . I can see the SSID, but when I try to connect and the SB3 asks me for the WPA2 password, no letters show up on the display when I try to key it in, and SB3 reboots after 3 button presses on the remote.

I see in previous threads that this was supposedly fixed, but I upgraded to SqueezeCenter 7.1, and the SB3 is now at firmware version 101, and I still have the problem.

Thanks for any help,


2008-08-07, 08:19
Hi Eric

Sorry for the trouble. The issue has been fixed, but didn't make it into SC 7.1 unfortunately.

But all is not lost as the bug only shows if you switch between WEP and WPA/WPA2 encrypted access points without doing a factory reset on the SB3 first.

Therefore I suggest you try a factory reset on your SB3, by holding down the (+) button on your remote while powering it up. After that you should be able to enter the WPA2 key.


2008-08-10, 11:25
Thanks for the quick and helpful response - that worked fine. I appreciate the help.

2008-12-29, 14:42
I have a TC and SB Duet. I have read in the forum that this 'problem' - setting up TC with the squeeze center is solved with the newest software.

I have had no luck!

Although everything seems to work etc The problem seems to be that Squeeze center does not let you register the Z drive[TC (only alows for C and D drives)]

Please could a Logitech Squeezebox employee please, please, please, elighten me as to if it is possible to use a TC + SB duet without having a computer runnig.

I have read too many of these discussions and tried all the possibilities as far as I know. My nerves are on edge. Please help me before I implode.

PS I am fully wireless (Internet & TC)

2008-12-29, 20:08
This thread is about problems using the Time Capsule as an access point, these issues should have been fixed. As far as I know no-one has got SC itself running on the TC (although you could check in the third party forum). Thus, the answer to your question "is it possible to use a TC + SB duet without having a computer running" is "maybe", depending on exactly what you mean. If there's no computer running (and thus no SC running) you can connect to SN and play internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. You won't be able to play local files though. This is the same with any network setup, the TC is just another access point in this case.