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2004-03-24, 12:33
The digital volume control works fine, with no sign of the problem. The
failure can be easily reproduced (by me anyway) especially with certain MP3s
that have a wide dynamic range.

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On Mar 24, 2004, at 10:35 AM, Jason wrote:

> I have seen a lot of threads that deal with audio dropout on the
> toslink output from the squeezebox, however they all appear to deal
> with FLAC. When I use the alarm function on my squeezebox (playing VBR
> MP3s) digital output to my Yamaha receiver and the alarm activates and
> the unit starts to "go to sleep" with gradual volume decrease I start
> to hear static as the digital output synchronization seems to slip or
> fail.

That's a new one... does it do this when lowering the volume using the