View Full Version : Squeezecenter and Roberts internet radios (also Sangean)

2008-08-06, 14:03
Has anyone successfully streamed to the Roberts internet radios (WMN201 or the new Stream 202) ?
I have added a stream for (my server)on the reciva site for 'my stream' and the WM201 does appear to connect and will play the odd second of music. Internet radio plays fine and all other pc's can see the server and play streamed music. My server is linux based but success on any platform would be nice to hear !


2008-08-16, 03:13
In the end I gave up and returned the Roberts WM201. I was able to get it work with Windows MediaPlayer 11 as a uPnP client but failed to get it to reliably use the stream from squeezecenter. Since streaming works fine to my pc's I assume this is a Roberts problem. Shame, because as an internet radio it is excellent and easy to use.

Paul Webster
2008-08-16, 06:30
I have a similar radio (Reciva-based) and I am pretty sure that streaming from the SqueezeCenter works less well than it used to compared to SlimServer.

Did much change in the regular MP3 (Shoutcast style) streaming ability after version 5?

It is not really possible to debug from the internet radio end - but my first though was that perhaps it is related to how the meta data is being passed across.
It is possible to configure/suppress this at SqueezeCenter to see if it makes a difference?