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2008-08-06, 06:20
...which probably merit separate threads, but I'll chuck them both in here.

First, and hopefully the easiest: I upgraded to Squeezecenter 7.1.1 - 22254 so that I can use MiP (I used the nightly build to get around the volume issue). I did a clean install of it. The controller is running 7.1 r2749. I'm able to make one mix--it works great. Any additional MiP mix I try to create just makes a "blank" playlist (i.e. brings you to a MusicIP Mix page with an option to "Play This List", but there are no songs). This failure to make a 2nd mix occurs with 100% reproducibility so I hope I'm just doing something wrong.

Now for the second larger issue: I've spoken with tech support several times and they have been helpful, but the problem persists. I'm on my second duet controller. The first worked flawlessly, but the screen was going bad so I was sent another. I've had nothing but problems with this new one. 90% of the time, the wireless signal indicator is red. However, I can still browse and play music--it's telling me it's not connected, but obviously it is. The other 9% of the time, it's blue and getting it to reconnect to the server is a nightmare. 1% of the time it's white, but the functionality does not differ at all from when it's red. Because Logitech sent me this new remote before I sent the old one back, I had a week to use them both. The old remote never exhibited this behavior--I believe it is clearly an issue with this new remote, but I'm looking for opinions on that. I was using 7.1 beta and, at tech support's request, did a clean install of 7.01. This appeared to resolve the issue for a few days, but the problems started back up again. I was hoping that 7.1 would resolve this, but it has not. My setup is completely wireless, I have never experienced music dropout and the router is very close. I can not see how this is a router issue since I had two remotes to play with and the first never had these issues. Anyone have any ideas? Should I try for a 3rd remote?

If it just stayed red all the time, but still worked, I guess I wouldn't worry about it (although that seems to indicate that something is wrong), but it's the times when it loses it's connection to the server that drive me nuts. I have to reset the receiver, reboot the controller, consult a witch doctor etc (it's not always easy to get it to reconnect).

2008-08-06, 07:21
This might be a dumb idea for you but I've seen it before. Have you already added the musicip tags to all your music? You do have to do that first before it will work with SC. If you have, ignore this dumb idea. :)

2008-08-06, 09:04
I assume you mean actually adding the analysis to the tags instead of just storing it in MiP's database? If so, then yes, I have done that and Squeezecenter did import the MiP tags (a very lengthy process). It works perfectly for one mix, then stops making any further mixes unless I reboot the remote. Do you use MiP successfully with 7.1 for more than one mix?