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2004-03-24, 10:17
Works great. volume control doesn't work and although it reports synch'd
with my Squeezebox the Squeeze won't play audio at the same time. but this
is a great first effort, thank you!

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Following the 'Slimp3slave for Windows' thread last week I have been looking
at developing an Squeezebox client in Java. This has the advantage of being
cross platform, so it will work with Windows, Macs and Linux :-)

An alpha version is available from http://softsqueeze.sourceforge.net. This
will play MP3's streamed from the slim server, emulates the squeezebox's VF
display and has an emulation of the Slim remote control. The UI is crude at
the moment, I'll be working on that next. Of course you can use the Slim
server web interface to control the player.

I am looking for someone to help design a skin for SoftSqueeze (not good at
graphics myself!). If your interested in helping then please get in touch.
Also the code has only been tested on Windows so far, so if you try it on a
Mac or Linux box I'd be interested to know how you get on.